KASAI MASAI at Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston

23rd September 2016

The Vortex Jazz Club, part of Dalston Culture House, is one of the best place to listen live music while drinking red wine. It is a very intimate venue, with wide-lateral windows through which is possible to observe the eventful Gillet Square from the top.

    img_7044  img_7045

Despite the club is mostly dedicated to jazz music, that night the show was performed by the Congolese band called Kasai Masai. Their music, based on a fusion of traditional Congolese Soukous, Rumba and Funk styles, creates an incredible fast-paced rhythm!


That night, their original Urban Equatorial Funk genre made the audience dance with energy and passion. At the end of the gig I spoke with the percussionist, singer and dancer, Nickens Nkoso, and the guitarist, Otis Tabasenge Lumumba, who seemed happy to collaborate on my research.img_7040




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