KONONO NO. 1 + KONGO DIA NTOTILA at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in Shoreditch

30th July 2016

The moment I discovered that the great Congolese band Konono No.1 from Kinshasa was returning to London, I immediately bought a ticket for the show at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch. Their music, based on a vibrant combination of traditional, electronic and rock sounds, was accompanied by strong voices and energetic dances. As a result, they were able to electrify the whole venue!


 In addition, that night I also had the pleasure to discover a musical group which I didn’t know before, the Kongo Dia Ntotila. They opened the show as Konono No.1 supporting band. They are composed by two Congolese musicians and three other musicians with different backgrounds. Their music mixes Central African rhythms with jazz style, creating a curios blend of different cultures.


At the end of the gigs, I had a nice conversation with Mulele Matondo Africa, Congolese solo artist and bassist of the Kongo Dia Ntotila. I was very happy to find out that the band is based in London and would like to be involved with my research.


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