Chestnut launch day in West Croydon

16th July 2016

I met Sheeda Queen, born Priska Kibala, for the first time almost six months ago. She is a lovely young Congolese writer who has published her first work entitled Chestnut. The book present the adventures of Maleka, a young girl originally from Angola who, after her dear aunt’s death, suddenly find herself to survive alone in South London. It is a story of struggle, strength and search for identity; alleviated by a colloquial language and a strong sense of humor. Despite the book is a fiction novel, I found many similarities with Priska’s life story and personal character.



Reading her voice has made me feel personally closer to Priska and this is why I decided to participate to the Chestnut promotional event. She organized a stand with banners, flyers and business cards in one of the main pedestrian streets in the heart of West Croydon. I spent the morning with Priska, her family and friends, from whom she is very much loved. Together we had much fun trying to attract people and advertise her work.



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